Liberty Film Studios  Portfolio

These are some of the best videos we have made in the past year. 

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Event Films

Events are so short. We can capture them with amazing highlight videos.

MACHS Conference Highlights
Conference Setup Video  
This type of video is great for driving last minute attendance to events.
Graduation Highlight Film
Event Promo Video
Great for creating buzz and leads on social media. 

We all love love stories.
Weddings, showers and everything in between. Have a video as good as the memories. 
It's priceless.

Robert and Havilah's wedding film.
Chantelle + Caleb: Cinematic Wedding Film
Abby & Hunter's Jack and Jill  Shower

Quick hits. Affordable videos to get your social media hopping!  

Facebook ad for Morning Sound Farm
Teaser Trailer: How Do They Homeschool?
Trailer | The Passionate Pursuit
Docs. Talking head. Sit down interviews. 
Your words, your face, your way.
How do they Homeschool | mid-length documentary 
The Gospel for You | For the WhatPathway blog
Ray's Life Story | For Faith Church

Make it into a movie!        With a little planning, some camera work and great music, any story can be made into a cinematic masterpiece.

Beyond the Door | Spoken Word Poetry
Stripped Away | Pro-Life Short Film
Sports: Do They Build Character? | Short Film

Liberty Film Studios ~ Video Production

Winnipeg, Manitoba 

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